Sunday, January 29, 2012


Some of them belongs to my family!

Belongings from my Grandpa!

Numbered Stamps from my Father!

From my Grandpa

I'm going to be around these items for long time, everything is looking too much brighter now, I'm polishing, cleaning and keeping all beautiful!

Mom and Andrea (middle sister) are responsible for collecting and select these special gems for me!

Thanks to you for enjoy them with me!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm back home!

After had wonderful time with Family and Friends in Uruguay, enjoy great days at the beach and spend time with family members, I'm ready with batteries 100% charged to start working on my projects...

Thanks to my Mother for all the wonderful items that belongs to my father and my grandpa and she gave me to me with much love, I'll keeping them as treasures.... 

Thanks to my Sister Andrea for all the great findings she collected for me during the year, vintage, antiques, unique pieces, love all of them!!

Thanks to my aunt Titi, for the loving Tablecloth hand embroidered with the set of napkins, great design, beautiful colors, and many hours of work and love!!

Thanks to my Mother in Law, for her priceless upholstery information and notes, for the old decoration magazines and a vintage Tablecloth so beautiful!

A special Thanks to my Grandma for stay with us sharing a wonderful time together.......

I love my Family, and I'm so Thankful!