Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Spectacular at Chantilly High School

My last Show of the Year! I'll be traveling to my Uruguay, visiting Family and having fun at the beach! is summer on South America!
Is time to wish to everyone Happy Holidays!!
To thanks many wonderful people supported me on this new adventure and happiness that means for me Transformations By Jacqueline!
Thanks to you for make me passionate! creative! make my life more enjoyable, delightful!

Is time to re-arrange a NEW YEAR 2012!
Paint new  pieces of  Furniture, collect more Antiques, look for Vintage, Find decor treasures and Feature the Transformations!

My collection of Christmas Tree!
Colorful, different, decorative!
Happy Holidays!

Wishing You and Family a Happy NEW YEAR 2012!
Plenty of Love, Health, Family Time, Work
and Happy Moments to remember for ever........

My booth at Chantilly High School Holiday Spectacular Craft Show!

The Old Barrel will be ready under a Christmas Tree!
Thanks Diane!

A pair of New Canned Chairs! The color is just different and stylish, an Antique Rose glazed on black can be matched with any furniture... wood color, black, green, cream..... many choices reflected on the upholstery fabric pattern...
Look those Legs!! Elegance!

Thanks for visiting Transformations at the Show! thanks for the wonderful comments, for your support!
Thanks for be there and share a smile.....

Thankful! Jacqueline

Monday, December 5, 2011


Transformations By Jacqueline will be at HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR CRAFT SHOW at Chantilly High School! this Saturday December 10th. from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Getting ready for the Show!! Christmas Trees decorated just for you!!
Transformations By Jacqueline wish Happy Holidays to all of you and family!!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Monday, November 21, 2011

To my Clients....

I'll be posting different pieces of furniture and decor items that are available to sell !
Please e-mail me at if you are interested in any item, I'll inform you about price, details, delivery, measure, specifications and photos!

Please note: All my pieces are one of a kind, original and unique.
I sell at craft fairs, shows and markets. Stay in touch with my blog to know the next event!

Remember I customize your piece of furniture! just set up an appointment to your convenience to visiting you and talk about your vision and ideas!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Saint Timothy Craft Fair a Big Success!!

I'm so happy!! this Show was so beautiful! Many pieces sold, many visitors, many awesome crafters!!

Clients from other shows visiting my booth! Great! Thanks so much for all the compliments, for the Welcome! my first time at this traditional Craft Show at Saint Timothy!
I'll share few photos of the show with you, enjoy it!

Thanks so much to stop by my booth, for your great comments, thanks for your support!

Thanks Judy for visiting Transformations! you make me feel happy!

A especial Thanks to Charna from Charna Designs.
She just come to Welcome me and later she showed up with a family member interested in one piece of furniture! Thanks for your support and friendship! 
Charna Designs has a great collection of  hand bags, embroidery designs and jewelry, really sweet stuff!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 Was very inspired to me get this corner chair and decide what to do with it! The upholstery also a second big decision to choose from my collection of fabrics...
This is a great chair, solid wood! very very sturdy ! excellent quality!


The Stage

Painted on white Polar Bear, details painted on bronze, hardly distressed and glazed with Golden Oak Minwax color, finished with Poly. Totally re-upholstery with brand new sitting and fabric.
Is available to sell at my booth on Saint Timothy Craft Show on November 19th.
If you are interested, please contact to me for shipping details and price.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Few days ago I picked this old wood  box of  Moosehead Beer Canadian Lager ! Immediately realized my adventure with this find.... I fell in love with it, and my first idea to add wheels and use it as an additional little table and storage turned out great! Love it ...Love it...
Has a masculine personality of course! Look at it!

Moosehead Breweries is Canada's oldest independent brewery, located in Saint John - New Brunswick and was founded in 1867 by Susannah Oland and is still operated
 by the Oland Family.
His owner Derek Oland is the sixth generation!

Moosehead is now Canada's largest 100 per cent Canadian Brewery!
In 1978 the brewery president Philip Oland expanded the brand and launched Moosehead Lager in the United States.
This Family has an amazing history, facing many problems with the company but succeeding at the end!

So happy to have the chance to revival this part of  history and transformed it in a practical storage item!  This unique piece will be available in my booth at Saint Timothy 31st Annual Fall Craft Show!
Yes! Ready to show and sale!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Saint Timothy School 31st. Annual Craft Fair


Saturday November 19th.

from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

I'm so exciting to participate in this show, have access to this great community and hope you can go and visit my booth!! invite your friend and don't miss this show!!
Ready to buy your holiday presents directly from the artists??
Lot of fun ! Over 100 crafters! Delicious Bake Sale! Used Books Sale!
and.... Many Other Activities!!!!


13809 Poplar Tree Road
Chantilly, V.A.

Thankful! Jacqueline

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Love for Baskets

Traditional wall pocket basket, embellished with antique laces; I have them for many years...and silk Hortensia flowers...

Mini Old Basket decorated with little apples and embellished with fresh Lavender and tulle... My niece's favorite!!

Delightful Roses basket, so romantic!! decorated with tulle, dry branches and flowers and some fresh Lavender too... Love Love Love

A closer look of  the jewels!

Picking Basket embellished with yellow and hearts ribbons, a matching fabric with a bunch of  Lavender and sticks...

I love you are there to share my love for baskets....
Thankful! Jacqueline

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I got this old barrel for less than $5! the conditions very dirty and dark!
I was not sure what to do with it..... After haven it for few days.....

The idea to convert this old barrel on a little stool just make me feel more confident to find its destiny.....

Many coats of white paint and also three coats of white gesso, look the transformation!!
I chose a wonderful embroidered fabric with gold and burgundy accents, very unique design

This old Barrel is now a sitting piece and storage! love the traditional look after all! You can have it as a masculine accent and traditional piece near your fire place, or in a corner at your bedroom....

You can have it at home to compliment your style and to have an extra sitting stool.
Is available to sell, please contact to me if is any interest to enjoy this piece!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I said GOOD BYE!

Today Mrs. J. found the character she was looking since March, after renovating her Bedroom! She told me was looking on many stores for two night tables not wood color, something on white and with the personality my tables have! OMG after she mention that I almost blow away!!

You can find on my second post the story of this twins......
Mrs. J. hope you enjoy them very much as I did painting and embellishing them!
                                                                    Thankful! Jacqueline

Last August, my friend rescued this stylish side table. She was in need of love and care! I was very exciting to work on it! Look at the poor one....

 Did you see the horrible tiles falling down? The first thing I did was take those to the trash!! And my brain started to work on it... what can  I do on the top of the table??

Here are some clues before you start to telling me......

After my last Craft Show during the time the crafters need to pack back home and load the truck, put everything in place and wrapped.... I picked a picture was placed next to the trash dump, the paint had a damage on one side, but the frame was impeccable! What a find!!

Well .... yes I did it!
After sanded and painted I applied part of the paint on the top of the table!
I used Valspar Mountain Smoke -I love this color! And here we go!

The drawer has a pad on the bottom for a finishing touch with matching cotton fabric.

Keep the top frame in wood color was my hubby's idea! I applied Colonial Maple Minwax Finish, that gave the wood a caramel tone. After the top were in place, painted two coats of  Polyurethane natural semi-gloss to protect the art and seal it.
For cleaning purposes just need to use a light wet cloth.
New chrome hardware brings a bright splash to the table.
At the end, two coats of Minwax finishing Wax to protect the furniture.
This table is ready to sell! ready to find a corner plenty of art, culture and sophistication!
Please contact to me if you are interested.

*Special Thanks!! to Jose Luis and Aldrin
P.S.  I still have the frame available.....thinking on it...