Saturday, October 27, 2012

Authentic Country Cabinet

This piece is the result of much work!
Turned out so good!
 I love the color !
Let me tell you a secret.... I painted the body on a light green and at the end I didn't like it, so.... started all over!
 But another problem shows up ..... I didn't have the color I wanted!! And I thought....
Let's customize the color.... I got the original green, mixed some black, some blue.
And ... voila!!
Yesterday, organizing my desk, I found a color sample card from "C2" Benjamin Moore... is almost the same tone called "Churchill"
What a coincidence!!

Since I started to get ready for this work I knew that 2 tones should be the way to paint this cabinet!
And I was pretty sure the second tone should be Antique White! no doubt about it!
We got this cabinet from a Thrift Store here in our community, I don't know how much we paid for it, because we paid a bundle price with other pieces...
Solid Pine Furniture, Heavy, Original, Great Condition for its age
A look of my booth at "On A Whim"
Keep an eye on how many stuff ready for Holiday Season!!
But this Authentic Country Cabinet is the King!
Hope you fall in love with it!
Thankful! Jacqueline

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today I would like to show you a serie of pictures....
Special pieces, my booth, the shows....

The last creations...

A story of an antique rocking chair that didn't get sold....
I decided to re design with a bold color and a young style!

A beautiful vintage coffee table that was looking dated and worn, to became cute and shabby!

My Booth Today with many options for your space!


An antique dresser with a twist in red!

Beautiful Side Table with curves and style!

An antique Bucket with Art!
Brown Glass Bottles! Picked them in New England

My Vintage Chandelier to sell and decorate my booth...

A very cute old cabinet painted in Antique White & Coral Chalk Paint

Thankful! Jacqueline

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Around two months ago we bought this piece and many others at a thrift shop that belongs to a Methodist Church here in our community.
This beautiful Art Deco vanity was in need of much love to became a Gorgeous Piece...

Art Deco furniture has geometric and angular shapes, zig zag forms and bold outlines...
How to bring this piece back to life without kill the essence of the style?

Here is a "before" picture
My decision was so hard. I decided to keep the round top in wood, showing the beauty of the grain honoring the exotic woods were used in the early years of the 20th. century...
 I painted the rest in Antique White, my own chalk paint recipe. Working with the distress to highlight the geometric details and shapes.
Also changed the hardware for the most unnoticeable set I have in hands.
 Remember: Don't kill the style!

I love this Vanity!!
Has elegance, style and luxury...

Hope you fall in love with it!
Thankful! Jacqueline