Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transformations By Jacqueline @ On A Whim

My Booth is ready! Beautiful! Many emotions to me and my family! We did it!
Now is time to show the creativity of
 Transformations By Jacqueline @ "On A Whim" our New Home

Welcome to "ON A WHIM"

Transformations By Jacqueline
Look at our Booth!!

The Italian Travel Folding Valet.        The Ethan Allen Buffet/Dresser.       The Gray Dresser 

Some Pics for you to enjoy!!
 We were surprised for some of our customers from Lucketts Spring Market, what a joy!!

My Collection of Lamps, Candle Holders, Primus Stove, Butterflies Original Old Prints, and more great pieces... 

The Sage Green Dresser    
 Old Scales, Cute Baskets... And A Table with Art!!

Our Solid Oak & Cast Iron Bench setting Outside waiting for your visit!

 Thankful! Jacqueline

Friday, May 18, 2012


I made my Sign to Low Costs (very important) and to display my own style!!

Is time to pack, price tag, more packing, more.....

And we rent a Truck ! plus our own Truck!

The Day is perfect, sunny, bright, little warm...
The WELCOME at LUCKETTS very impress! The organization, the help offered all the time, everything is ready for the Show!
Is time to set up my booths!!

Yes !! RED is my COLOR!!!

This is you can see at the end for Today... A lot to do.....
Not so impress? right?

A pic at the bathrooms....

Hands On! Tents Up!

Progress and Stuff and Antiques and more Stuff

(Go to the Map at the top of the Blog for directions and info)

*** Special Thanks ***

To my Husband for your support, help, and...and.....
To all my friends, for your support, for your help in different ways...
To Facebook Friends and Family that follow all the pictures and posts!
To my Blog Followers & Clients, Thanks to be there!!
To my Son for your help too!

You know that without YOU is not possible get my dreams....

See you There!!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Every Days is Mother Day
But some of those are Very Special....

Todos los Dias es Dia de La Madre
Pero Algunos de ellos son muy Especiales....

Flowers for my Mom traveling many miles directly to Uruguay ! I have you Here with me anyway!!

Flores para Mi Madre viajando muchas millas directamente a Uruguay!! Te tengo Aqui conmigo de todas maneras!!

My Son, My Love

Mi Hijo, Mi Amor

Wishing you all .... a Happy Day... Full of Love, Health and Fun....

Deseando a Todas...
Un Feliz Dia...Lleno de Amor, Salud y Diversion...

Thankful! Jacqueline