Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BEFORE & AFTER ............. ANTES Y DESPUES .....

 I drove one hour to buy this Lingerie Dresser!!! After a brief conversation with the seller, he told me that this dresser belonged to his mother! I really care about the story of every single piece! Is respect, is love and is passion for what I do!

This is the result and I love it! I used a baby blue very soft for the body and Antique White for drawers. The drawers has a transferred pattern that I took from a vintage paper I had in hand.
Beautiful original hardware! This Lingerie Dresser reminds me old and romantic times.....


Oh my!!! Finally I'm refurbishing a cart!!!!
I had the idea in my head for long time... after picked up this solid wood little cart at the beginning of Spring, the idea a had for it was: a PLANTER!
Spring is here and great colors are popping up, so.... I chose yellow!

Adding some charming accessories and bold flowers, this cart becomes one of my favorite pieces!
Is a Happy Planter!
This piece SOLD in two days after got in my booth!

 The Majestic Chest!!! Solid ! Heavy! & Majestic!
Upon a time.... in a cold Sunday afternoon, I convinced my husband to go and get this piece from a third floor home after driving up one hour.....
The chest was in great conditions, solid and sturdy with deep drawers working smoothly.
What else can I ask for?

The final product speaks by it self!
Is a master piece! Two tones and a third tone on the columns applying a wonderful stain.
Original hardware. Beautiful wood grain on top.

 On the way to my booth at White Home Collections - New Hampshire.... a little needle point stool hunted from an Antique Store .... I just Love it!!

 With a little dedication, I painted in Aqua color, distressed and upholstery with blue and gold tones fabric. Now you can accessorize any room with it, is just modern and chic!

More stories to come..... Before & After...... Antes y Despues......
Yes, I keep records of all my pieces, before love & after love..... Antes del amor y Despues del amor...
Is the story of my work, my life, my every day life....

Hope you fall in love with it... Thankful, Jacqueline

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maple to Fort Pierce Dresser!

I can say "Rename" this dresser!!
Yes! a beautiful Maple piece but without a story to tell....
Now is full of hope with a modern look, glass knobs, a New Personality!

Great condition, beautiful design and solid wood....

Tell me who does not love to have one of this in a corner at home?
Painted on Fort Pierce Green, is a modern vibrant color!
Keeping some of the original pulls and replacing others for brand new glass knobs! 

Plenty storage, good looking and young....
Waiting for you @ White Home Collections
Wilton - New Hampshire

Hope you fall in love with it...