Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hand Carved Shelf Unit

My neighbor showed up at home two weeks ago!
She knows about my work with furniture and offer to me a shelf unit she doesn't need any more!
Immediately went to see the shelf and I love it!
Solid Oak
 Hand Carved Details
Three Drawers
Very Sturdy
Later in the week, my husband asked me "What color are you going to paint it?"
I had no doubt to answer:
"Antique White"
After an important sanding, my own chalk paint, the work is done!
Beautiful piece...
Thursday I got it to the store, and placed on my booth... a statement...
Vintage silver pieces to show still more style in this piece...

 On Saturday around 1:30 p.m. got a call from On A Whim...
Shelf Unit SOLD!!!
I'm sure the new owners fall in love with it!

Thankful! Jacqueline

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nine Drawers

My last creation a great dresser with nine drawers, all working very smooth, great condition and gorgeous design!

I sanded it and painted the body with Valspar Flat finish in a Tan color, intense and beautiful...

For the drawers I prepared three different tones of my own recipe of chalk paint in Antique White, painting each line of drawers from lighter to darker
The distress was the hardest part of the job!
Is a beautiful piece, plenty storage space, looks modern and eclectic too!
Hope you fall in love with it!
Thankful! Jacqueline

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Piano Desk Sold!!

I bought this dresser from Craigslist long time ago!
The condition: great!
7 Drawers!
Bronze hardware
Solid Pine Wood
Big Surfaces to work on it!
One Shelf on Top and One Shelf on the Bottom!

I didn't take a before picture!
 Dark wood color, not attractive at all... but the design... the Piano shape, just lovely...
I decided to paint it with two colors, also using colors that everyone in the family feels comfortable with!
I thought.... a Family Desk!!
Antique White Chalk Paint for legs and drawers...
Sage Green for top surfaces
New hardware for the big drawers
An important distress all around and two coats of Minwax Finishing Wax "Special Dark" to give an antique look and protection.
Final Destination... On A Whim Antiques Store
Yesterday.... Sold!!!
Beautiful Family Desk to enjoy....
Thankful! Jacqueline