Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vanilla Ice Cream Little Side Table

After my husband and I made some modifications on this side table, starting for a good cleaning and deep sanding..... Vanilla Ice Cream shows up so pretty!

Painted in Antique White. A little glaze in the columns and finished with Policrylic for total protection.

I applied the same stencil on the four corners of the top, but gave a little
rotation each time for an interesting pattern.
The paint I used for the stencil is Metallic Paint Elegant Finish by DecoArt 

Would you like a Vanilla Ice Cream?

Thankful! Jacqueline

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Restyle, Refresh Executive Desk and Home Office

This is an Executive Large & Beautiful Desk that a Picked for free from Craigslist few days ago!
Was on perfect shape, just in need of care, refresh, a good cleaning and of course
Transformations By Jacqueline!

Transformations in Action! ready to sand, clean and have a great future to enjoy at my home office.
The size is perfect because my son and I can be working together at the same time, even three of us will be comfortable too!

Here is how the top looks after sanding, coloring the wood and giving many coats of  Polycrylic by Minwax
This noble oak top just needed love!

Lincoln Cottage Black by Valspar

Look at this wood grain!

This was a totally Office Makeover, the closet door only had the primer, so I painted on  semi gloss white, from a can I had at home. Also refresh the paint on the french entry office door, the baseboards.....

Walls didn't look clean at all, with a salmon color, dirty and tired.
I didn't buy a can of paint for walls! No! I had a full can of Olympic Premium interior latex semi gloss "French Vanilla Ice Cream" color! that got in sale for $5 long time ago....
I decided to take care of my wallet and paint walls! At night when I started to see the big picture got little scared, yes... so asked to my hubby and he said "looks good, go ahead"
That's all I needed!

At the end applied one coat of Minwax finishing wax for protective purposes

Unfortunately the photos are not good! The desk is facing the large window and don't have a good camera, even the colors don't look the same....I did my best!

We have this vintage leather stool on wheels for long time. The green leather seating pops perfectly! Is an extra seat that we use all the time...

What a Transformation eh?

I got a bunch of these mushrooms nickel knobs long time ago for $15, excellent quality, I used on other pieces, even my sister did on a dresser. Perfect for this desk!

I had liner paper left from other projects! Color? Black & White! Just Perfect!

This Desk is very important at home! We can keep our office organized, we have a place where we can work together and supervise my kid doing homework
The office looks fresh and brand new!
And the cost of the makeover was very low, mostly using materials I have already at home!
Hope you like it!

Thankful! Jacqueline