Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Has been an exciting and very emotive time of my life!
My husband and I bought a house here in Ashby, Massachusetts! 
We are so proud, very very happy! 
We are enjoying our new home very much with our son and all the snow is up here!

We moved the day before Christmas! yes CRAZY!  My son had little time to hang the ornaments on the beautiful Christmas Tree the formers home owners left set up for us, lovely detail!

It is a country farm house and has all we were dreaming for a long time and more...
Crossing the street is a huge lake ...  a reservoir ....  all surrounded by forest... just beautiful!

In a few days I'm planning come back to work on my furniture. I have plenty space to set up my workshop and start moving brushes, sand papers and tools!!!

Here is some pictures of our home...

Hope you fall in love with it... Thankful, Jacqueline