Sunday, September 4, 2011

The White Prince

The paint used on this piece is White Polar Bear from BEHR,
used flat, I like this white very much!

All the drawers covered with paper on black and white -flowers pattern! Elegant !
I had a pair of chairs that matched perfectly with this Prince! but they have been sold earlier than the desk, Oops!

I say Good-bye To my White Prince!
I got this beatiful small desk by Craigslist few months ago, has great curves and style and was in very decent condition! Most of the work was painting, distressing and waxing for a protective finish.
 I kept the original hardware refreshing it with PAINTER'S TOUCH Satin Espresso, makes the hardware looks like new in a very interesting tone of  coffee-black  Love it!
MINWAX  Paste Finishing - Natural, is very easy to apply and works very well!
Today I say GOOD-BYE little White Prince! another great piece looking for a new home...

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  1. you work its very valuable and the white prince has a new home, thankyou so much,see you soon.kiol