Friday, April 27, 2012

A Customized Night Table

My friend asked me for a night table! She had to set up the guest bedroom for a young lady...
Two factors to considerate!
 * a tiny space to place it, between the bed and a closet
* bed's high, little higher than the average

When I found this table with the high shelf and the skinny size, ohhhh! I thought "It's mine!!!" 

One of the closets into the bedroom has a light gray color and taking a look on my paint storage I found this sparkling light gray from Valspar that works perfectly!!!

After a good sanding, just started to primer and then painted it!
 Firstable I was thinking to apply a Stencil on top of the table, but girls has a lot of stuff ...... and at the end I did on the drawer and look! just the perfect place where everyone can see it!!

The Stencil is from Marta Stewart and the paint is a darker gray, Mountain Smoke from Valspar

My next step: delivery to my friend !
She saw the picture and already likes it!!
That means Happiness for me...

Thankful! Jacqueline


  1. Very artistic and beatifull trasformations,usualy from furnitury the some one don't want.I call that doble the art!!thankyou Jacqueline...

    1. Thanks so much! I'll show more pieces I'm working on it!