Friday, December 7, 2012

Today the Announcement.....
Moving to Massachusetts!!
Is a hard time for me! Say Good-Bye to Virginia! Here is my home, my son's town, all my friends, my booth, all the shows....  many "Good-Bye"
And there.... a New Life to conquer, a new home, new friends to discover, new customers, and a new big little world for me and my family!
A New Town "Clinton", 45 minutes west Boston.
New England waiting for us to be our home....
Transformations By Jacqueline @ Clinton - Massachusetts
New Year.... New Life ..... New Creations..... 2013
A "Good-Bye" to my booth @ On A Whim, but planning to be present in all special Events and Sales
Is a "See you Later"....
Thankful, Jacqueline


  1. I wish you the most success with your move and I know you will miss being part of Luckett's!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I'll miss Lucketts, I'll miss my home, my town...
      I have everyone in my heart!
      Hope stay in touch with everybody!!