Friday, February 22, 2013

TRAVELING VINTAGE with a work of love & dedication

An enjoyable work that I loved!
 Fun, colorful, young, interesting, with a beautiful result!

The beginning
I bought this suitcase at Chantilly Antique Show last year in Virginia, the other suitcase used to carry all the materials needed for my booth as labels, scissors, tape, string....
My fabrics inventory is vast! Excellent fabric scraps from designers like Robert Allen, Nancy Corzine, Schumacher and LJH for Architex
Texture, Design & Color
Three elements I had in mind when started cutting and assembling the collage!
The Final Product
Sweet suitcases with many functions
My idea is used as storage.
Then I just stacked them and became a side table in my living room...
Well.... I still want to use my suitcase to carry my materials!

Hunting vintage suitcase around Massachusetts!!
This is my destiny!


Hope you fall in love with it...
Thankful, Jacqueline

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