Sunday, October 9, 2011


Last August, my friend rescued this stylish side table. She was in need of love and care! I was very exciting to work on it! Look at the poor one....

 Did you see the horrible tiles falling down? The first thing I did was take those to the trash!! And my brain started to work on it... what can  I do on the top of the table??

Here are some clues before you start to telling me......

After my last Craft Show during the time the crafters need to pack back home and load the truck, put everything in place and wrapped.... I picked a picture was placed next to the trash dump, the paint had a damage on one side, but the frame was impeccable! What a find!!

Well .... yes I did it!
After sanded and painted I applied part of the paint on the top of the table!
I used Valspar Mountain Smoke -I love this color! And here we go!

The drawer has a pad on the bottom for a finishing touch with matching cotton fabric.

Keep the top frame in wood color was my hubby's idea! I applied Colonial Maple Minwax Finish, that gave the wood a caramel tone. After the top were in place, painted two coats of  Polyurethane natural semi-gloss to protect the art and seal it.
For cleaning purposes just need to use a light wet cloth.
New chrome hardware brings a bright splash to the table.
At the end, two coats of Minwax finishing Wax to protect the furniture.
This table is ready to sell! ready to find a corner plenty of art, culture and sophistication!
Please contact to me if you are interested.

*Special Thanks!! to Jose Luis and Aldrin
P.S.  I still have the frame available.....thinking on it...


  1. This is such a neat idea Jacqueline! I've never seen this done before! Love the gray that you painted the bottom!

  2. Thanks Katie! this is the table very close to your zebra table! except for the French lines!I love the transformation!!

  3. Very nice & unique!!! I like it a lot. Great work.GS