Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transformations By Jacqueline @ On A Whim

My Booth is ready! Beautiful! Many emotions to me and my family! We did it!
Now is time to show the creativity of
 Transformations By Jacqueline @ "On A Whim" our New Home

Welcome to "ON A WHIM"

Transformations By Jacqueline
Look at our Booth!!

The Italian Travel Folding Valet.        The Ethan Allen Buffet/Dresser.       The Gray Dresser 

Some Pics for you to enjoy!!
 We were surprised for some of our customers from Lucketts Spring Market, what a joy!!

My Collection of Lamps, Candle Holders, Primus Stove, Butterflies Original Old Prints, and more great pieces... 

The Sage Green Dresser    
 Old Scales, Cute Baskets... And A Table with Art!!

Our Solid Oak & Cast Iron Bench setting Outside waiting for your visit!

 Thankful! Jacqueline

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