Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Roots in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

A little delay, a lot of work, many beautiful pieces, much joy!!
Busy weeks finally!
Spring is definitely here! Snow melting! Birds singing!
And Transformations By Jacqueline is flourishing!

I started with a new booth very close to home in Sterling, is "Oh My Gosh Antiques" @ The Cider Mill. Up to 200 dealers! It is huge! Great for Antiques Hunt! Paradise for me and I know for you too!
I have a precious nook with a second level too! filled with my furniture and décor pieces.
The building is a treasure with the expose beams and the original walls and structure!
Here is a little about it!

Later, I found a beautiful store in New Hampshire, less than one hour north from home. Is "White Home Collections", adorable shop with incredible decoration, furniture, vintage and antiques!
I didn't expect that call! telling me that a space was available for me! Awesome!
April 1st. Transformations By Jacqueline @ White Home Collections!
Here is a little to show you!

Hope you fall in love with it... Thankful, Jacqueline

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